Friday, March 15, 2013

Oliver Sean UK Tour 2013 (Scotland Leg) review - Electric Harmony UK

Venue: Belushi's and Bannerman's

I caught Oliver Sean at the beginning of his promo tour in the UK, doing a warm up session and then a larger gig in Edinburgh. He is one of those pop rock performers who sings about falling in love, summer romance and single mothers, while still retaining energy and enthusiasm throughout, even without his band. Due to little advertising and the fact that he is not quite mainstream in the UK as yet, he played to small crowds who perhaps knew that they were on to something special. The warm up gig was streamed on Google via iPad to dedicated followers in Dubai, Goa and New York, thus proving that it will just take a little time to become better known in the UK.

Oliver Sean's support included Ross Arthur, a local acoustic guitar player. Previously having played in Ayr and Glasgow, he blasted through 7 or 8 songs, most of which were a little samey and not my cup of tea, apart from the country and western style song near the end which provided a good change.

The next support act, a local three-piece grunge and blues fusion band called Fitzroy Soul, showed they had been playing the circuit for a while. Their grunge clothes combined with bluesy bass slides and unique vocals started the beginning of a memorable night. As the bassist concluded, "Its all just rock'n'roll."

Oliver played all the tracks from his album So Good, an unreleased song called 'Doing That' and some fun covers. 'Come On Move On' which is featured on the above mentionned album was dedicated to his uncle who sadly passed away. He had played bass guitar with George Harrison amongst several others. The catchy title track 'So Good', along with 'Movies' and 'Alone' show he doesn't need his band to put on a good live show. A man with big ideas, his musical influences are Status Quo, U2, AC/DC and The Police. He plans to open a Rock Lounge in London that will host acoustic sessions and runs WOA Records, which signs an upcoming act every month.

The support acts joined Oliver Sean and just his acoustic guitar on the stage at the end of the night. He will continue his tour, I expect to larger audiences, as his good quality music will only give you an uplifting experience.
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