Saturday, September 28, 2013

EPISODE 2: The WOA TV Show - All Things Music SEASON 3


This weeks episode brings us an eclectic mix of really talented artists including Billy Dean and the Rebels who have had over a million hits on youtube for their music video and we highly recommend this track that brings Indie Rock to the forefront. We also have Fiona Miss 2.1 with her song Up& Down that we premiered on the WOAFM99 Radio Show's premiere episode - if you haven't checked out the WOAFM99 Radio show you really shouldn't miss it, and if you are the owner of the brand new iPhone you MUST subscribe to the WOA TV & Radio Podcast where you will get the WOA TV Show 3 minute promos before every episode so you can check out what we have oin store on the upcoming episode and you get the FULL episode of each and every WOAFM99 Radio Show which you can listen to anytime.

The Second segment of Episode 2 begins with Natalie Jean who incidentally is also on the Goa Chillout Zone Vol.5, which we are totally in love with by the way, a more synth based artist with a more retro electronic production, we know for a fact there are massive number of fans for this kind of sound - enjoy 'Mission' by Natalie Jean. Following this is Susan Muranty, an Australian artist with a SUPER CHILL song and video - she would have been a good addition to the Goa Chillout Zone actually - you can almost imagine yourself chilling by the beach at sunset with the track coming over the light breeze while you sip a cold one :-)

The last segment of todays show is quite interesting, the video starting off segment 3 of this episode is Paul Thomas Yoder, one of our new favorites actually, and also a featured act on the Goa Chillout Zone with the same song as this video called 'Catalina Cool'.

The last song of todays episode is really quirky and has us going out on a limb - not something we usually feature on our show but with all the rage of Korean songs that have been getting Grammy's and MTV EMA's and even toppling over major platinum selling songs and high profile artists last year we decided to give you a FULL ON Korean track by LOVE X STEREO that is gaining major traction Internationally now.

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