Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SEASON PREMIERE: The WOA TV Show - All Things Music (Season 3)

Well here we you have it folks - the much awaited Season 3 Premiere of the WOA TV Show - All Things Music! Watch the show on 

With the phenomenal success of Season 1 and Season 2 of the WOA TV Show and marking the launch of the NEW iPHONES today :)) we are excited to bring you the premiere episode of The WOA TV show SEASON 3! And to show you how excited we are the entire production team of the WOA TV show are getting a new iPhone 5C for doing such a great job on this TV show consistently 3 seasons in a row :) yep Oliver Sean is an awesome Boss ;) - who knows we might even pass on an iPhone 5c to the top video of this season 3. Talking about the top videos, Season 2 chart toppers 'Life Thru Iris' won a full fledged music video promo campaign for being voted the no.1 music video of the season by fans. You will hear a lot more about 'Life Thru Iris' in the coming episodes and how they are going to be rocking this region across major TV networks all because of the WOA TV Show and the fan poll voting on our Facebook page @woatv - so do go to the WOA TV Facebook page and vote for your favorite video/artist from todays show. If you are already a fan of our facebook page.... WE LOVE YOU!!! 

Well lets get on with the premiere show of Season 3 and give you an update on the bands who made the cut for episode1. We start off today's show with truly an awesome video by UFORIA. Personally we just couldn't get enough of the way the director/editor has played around with different motion speeds keeping in sync with this alt rock song. Simple yet effective. Uforia is going to stay on your minds - guaranteed. 

The second video in the first segment of the show is Snowfall featuring J.Angell. This video has over 500,000 views on YouTube!!! A very well produced song and a video worthy of MTV we'd say. We at W.O.A Films ( ) produce a lot of music videos for Vh1 and MTV and this one has "A Class Production Value" written all over it. Snowfall is also going to be heard across major radio networks via their WOA Radio Campaign starting September 15th. Also in the works for Snowfall is a 30 minute interview with the artist that will be heard on major FM networks across the Indian Subcontinent and also online.

Australia's Diana May Clark kicks off segment 2 of the WOA TV Show Season 3 premiere with her hit single 'Sunny Daze' - LA and Venice Beach have never looked liked so much fun on an independent production ever before ;-) Now this may not be LA and/or Venice Beach but those Palm Trees and the Beach, in our opinion were a dead giveaway :-) (We could be wrong - any LA residents watching this video give us a shout out on this) - Remember the U2 video on that New York rooftop years ago? Now imagine a happier ending with all those people down on the streets coming on up and having a blast with the band :-) Oh and NO COPS ;-) This put us in a great mood.

Second part of segment two has 'Millow the Girl' in concert being a real rockstar with her song 'Beautiful World' and keeping with the Australian theme - we must tell you here that this order of videos was unintentional. We guess that when you hear Australian's making good music you just end up putting them together. Millow the Girl had us remembering INXS a bit. 'Millow the Girl' is just confirming that 'ROCK' really does come from Down Under. With company like ACDC and INXS who can argue.

The last segment of the WOA TV Show's premiere episode has Charly B. from Spain blowing us away - this is a European artist who sounds COMPLETELY like the Jamaican and Reggaeton stars. Think Seal Paul and Sean Kingston and you wont hear much of a difference in quality and style when you watch this really fun video by Sean Paul....oops we meant Charly B. :-) This guy is fantastic.

And to end our premiere episode of Season 3 we have a DUEL between Oxford Square and Nicole Taylor. A real quirky video by the artists who call themselves 'Oxford Street vs Nicole Taylor'. A 1920's style silent movie type of music video with a sunshine pop track by these dueling artists. A heads up guys watch the video right till the end and when you think its over just wait a second... we had such a laugh :-) 

Hope you enjoy Epsidoe 1 of the WOA TV Show - All Things Music Season 3. We have some fantastic episodes in the pipeline this season and cant wait for all of you to be blown away by artists that you OUGHT TO KNOW! 

Watch all the past seasons and episodes, artist drops, news updates and more at the Official WOA TV Website and for all of you who are on facebook (everyone and their grandma's are on facebook so if you are not - get with it man!) we have special Artist Poll's that we put online soon after the episode is released. Please do vote for your favorite video/artist as it helps them get on the season finale chart show and WIN some really big promotional stuff including a MUSIC VIDEO PROMO PACKAGE that these artists can really benefit from.

Happy Watching!
The WOA TV Team

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