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A blog post about how W.O.A Records weeded out 3 con men named ‘Xiren, Mana3 and Dave J’ who tried to dupe the company in 2008 and attacked other W.O.A Artists and W.O.A Employees during the 2008 tour. This post is to make our W.O.A Artists aware of these people who are now spreading vicious stories on the net about W.O.A Records and its Founders. 

W.O.A Records is now in its 5th year of organizing the highly publicized and sought after WOA Records India Tour & Festival.  This is the story of how 3 people tried to ruin it for all Independent artists but failed miserably, while W.O.A Records & its artists have gone on to capture the hearts of fans and media across the region since then.

Goa - 10th July 2012 - We have noticed that there are a couple of artists who were associated with us in 2008 who are putting up terrible lies about WOA Records on their blogs. These artists have either been removed from the 2008 tour 5 years ago or artists who we ended recording contracts with due to them breaching their contracts. 

Their rants about W.O.A International are mainly due to their frustration of being removed from our label roster or tour and are disgruntled people who are trying to tarnish the good name of W.O.A International. This is also probably due to the fact that these artists have been blacklisted by our company with all our partners, which include the major labels and top media & press. This has frustrated these artists even more and has led to them writing terrible things about our Company which are absurd and utter lies. The disgusting language used by these people on their rants are proof enough that these people are nothing but disgruntled individuals who have nothing better to do with their time than to blame ‘The Big Bad Record Label’ for them failing as artists.

These people have gone on to state that our company is bad and we have cheated them etc etc. Most immature for grown men and women to be doing this :-) . There is absolutely no basis to the things they say and the WOA RECORDS INDIA TOUR now reaching its 5th year and being supported by the Government of India and major companies like Vh1 and Times Of India is a statement to how successful the India Tour is now. There is not a single artist from our tour (aside from 4 artists from the 2008 tour) who have anything bad to say about our company. Each and every artist who has been on the India Tour from 2008 till 2011 has had nothing but the best of things to say about W.O.A International and WOA Records till date. See our testimonials and check each of these artists’ official websites to see how much W.O.A International has supported these artists and how these artists talk favorably about W.O.A International / WOA Records and Oliver Sean - The Founder of W.O.A International.

The India Tour organized by WOA Records is now in its 5th year! Every artist who has been on our tour from 2008 till 2011 has had great success in these regions due to their association with W.O.A Records and the support they always have from our company and each and every employee of W.O.A International who has the utmost respect for serious Independent artists. WOA Records always delivers more than what is promised to our artists as this is our company motto, however we have a no tolerance policy towards artists who think they can dupe the company and breach contracts - No record label in the world will tolerate an artist breaching their contracts and duping the company blatantly - W.O.A International has had a lot of patience with some of these artists who we have eventually removed from our roster and finally taken the call to terminate their deals with WOA Records. 

The artists removed from our record label and/or Tour in 2008 were artists who breached the tour contracts and/or their recording/management contracts in such a severe manner that any other Company would have imposed the wrath of their legal division on them. We however just ended their contracts and told them that their contracts are cancelled. However these artists have tried to spoil the name of our company and our founder Oliver Sean as he is a public figure, and they have taken a personal vendetta against  Oliver Sean and WOA Records, which goes to prove that these artists were never ready to be on professional tours and recording contracts in the first place. 

The artists who were removed from the W.O.A India Tour 2008 were: Xiren, DaveJ, Mana3 and Cuca Moreno. Till date Xiren and Mana3 artists owe our company and the hotels they were put up in, over 75000 Indian Rupees each. There are also police cases filed against Xiren and Mana3 for their pending bills by the hotels, these police cases were filed by the hotel management directly as these artists absconded in the middle of the night and left major unpaid room service bills and didn’t check out of the hotels. W.O.A Records always arranges 4 and 5 star hotels for our artists when on tour for free including breakfast and meals on the days of the concerts. These artists ordered room service, alcohol  and extravagant meals and wound up with huge bills that we had told them clearly in their contracts that they will be liable for directly with the hotel. We don’t think there is anything more disgusting and immoral then an artist doing this and being called a thief by our hospitality partners.

These artists also breached their tour agreements by refusing to perform at some venues because the venue was ‘TOO SMALL’ for them to perform at - some of these venues were world famous jazz clubs and live music clubs like Jazz by the Bay - shows that were publicized via TV Ads, Radio Ads, Newspaper Ads and Billboards across the country. One of these artists Dave J even had the audacity to perform at another show that was not part of the tour and then ask W.O.A Records to PAY for his travel to and fro that show and cover his accommodation and meals. Not only did he breach his contract and dupe our company, he was holding WOA Records responsible for his taxi’s, accommodation and food on the day that he was performing for a show that was NOT even part of the W.O.A Records India Tour and openly doing it and challenging all of our employees saying "Your contract is not valid so whatever I agreed to and SIGNED on paper cannot hold up to a court of law so I will do whatever I please", sadly for him the contract was very much valid and he had to run out of the country and we haven't seen him since and only were made aware by our artists about some of his & the other 2 con men's blog posts which actually make no sense whatsoever :-)

These artists also didn’t want to travel via the luxury Air Conditioned buses provided for them to travel between some of the cities because they said they were ‘WORLD FAMOUS STARS’ and they refuse to travel by buses (equivalent to Greyhound bus service in the US). Every other artist who has performed at the India Tour from 2008 till 2011 has travelled by these buses and flights and trains with no complaints. THIS is a tour to promote International Independent music in a country that has never heard of your music. WOA Records is promoting Indies and building their brand image in this region unlike any other Company in the world!. If you are a WORLD FAMOUS STAR - WHY come on this tour in the first place??? Right? :-)

These artists also didn’t have the decency to appreciate the fact that Oliver Sean personally gave them access to his recording studio to rehearse, when 2 back to back shows got cancelled due to elections in that particular city during the 2008 tour. Not only did these artists use his recording studio, but they went on make racist comments to several of the WOA Records Employees - which we take PERSONALLY! 

Besides all of this unfathomable behavior, these artists continue to use the footage from the tour that they appeared on for their promotions till date and try desperately to hide the name of WOA RECORDS from all this footage and then talk disgusting lies about a company that went out of its way to pay and promote these artists in India with National TV Ads, Concert bookings at venues like Hard Rock cafe, Radio Interviews and Radio Ads and National TV Ads and Press Conferences. The filth that these people had in their heads even before they came on tour is now evident to everybody including the other artists who were on tour and till date are some of our top artists on the WOA RECORDS Roster.

These same artists also started to attack the rest of the artists on the tour who were happy with the tour and were on the tour for the right reasons. They even went so far as to write a most horrible and foul language blog on one of the artists Jesus Aaron, who WOA Records went on to promote in a major way here in India. Jesus Aaron’s albums are still available across the country and his music videos have been played on Vh1, Zee, MTv and other major channels

We hope that this gives the required clarity to our artists and fans about who these people are that are writing such terrible things about WOA Records and Oliver Sean and why exactly they are doing it.
The work W.O.A International does says everything about our company. There is not a single artist who has successfully completed the tour or who is currently on our roster having their music and profile promoted here that has anything bad to say about our company. 

We invite you to check the testimonials film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjTQlxyLK6Q  and the W.O.A India Tour Playlist that consists of TV Ads, Live Concerts, Behind the scenes footage, artist candid videos and more from all the India Tour’s organized by WOA Records http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2EE08AF20985D9EE&feature=plcp or visit the sites of all the artists currently being promoted by us or who have been on tour with us and see how W.O.A International and WOA Records has given a boost to their careers not only in India and the Middle East but across the world.

WOA Records is a record label and a record label will always have artists whose contracts have been terminated because they just weren’t successful or they breached the contracts or they just weren’t the right fit - some of these artists who do not have the maturity and understanding of the music business will always be posting rants about the record label and we cant really be bothered about each of these artists. 

This is a post we have put up so that some of our future artists have a clear picture about what they read on the internet.

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