Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kotadama's Brand New Music Video 'Dichotomy' Global Premiere

Australian Rockers 'Kotadama' premiere their brand new music video.

Goa, India - 22nd July 2012 - Kotadama, the Australian Rockers release their brand new music video 'Dichotomy' today with the online version of the music video launched online today and the TV edit of the music video, which consists of a different cut and exclusive footage, releasing on Vh1 and other major networks within the next few weeks.

Dichotomy was shot in Goa, India when the Australian heart-throbs were on tour during the 4th Annual W.O.A Records India Tour. With the fantastic success of the tour and gaining a huge fan following in India the band is excited to have this music video which was shot in India, releasing worldwide. 

"This music video catches the raw energy of the band while at the same time subtly portrays the idea and concept behind Kotadama's song 'Dichotomy'" says International musician Oliver Sean, who Directed this music video "as a film maker I am really excited about this music video and how it turned out because it is a music video in its purest form with the focus purely on the song and the artist and less on gimmicks and special effects"

W.O.A Films, the producers of the music video, are going all out to promote this music video across major networks and retail outlets worldwide. Kotadama's album 'Dochotomy is available at major stores across India via the W.O.A Records new music catalogue , Australia, the US, Europe and major online stores.

Kotadama fans worldwide have been eagerly waiting for this highly anticipated music video by their idols and their wait is finally over. Presenting Kotadama's Brand New Music Video 'DICHOTOMY'! Watch the world wide premiere of Dichotomy online at
- W.O.A Records News Desk

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